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Why Portfolio Management as a Service?

Asset management is on the frontier of a technology revolution and a wave of new opportunities.

Big data requires AI computational power

  1. Asset managers need to analyse ever-growing data sets to deliver performance.
  2. However, they are not equipped with the computational power and expertise to process large and complex data sets.

Increasing demand for customisation

  1. Individual investors are expecting more customisation to allocate their capital in line with their preferences.
  2. However, asset managers cannot manage personalised portfolios for small mandates cost-effectively.

Growing challenge of ESG regulations

  1. Regulators are imposing an ever-growing list of sustainability reporting requirements.
  2. However, asset managers are struggling to align with regulatory requirements without compromising performance.

Evolution of fund substitutes

  1. Technology is enabling the development of direct indexing and fractional shares platforms, which empower asset managers to build personalized portfolios of individual stocks.
  2. However, asset managers do not have the infrastructure to deliver model portfolios at scale.

Portfolio Dragon empowers a new generation of portfolio managers to meet the demands of a changing world by delivering model portfolios at a fraction of the cost and time.

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