Introducing Portfolio Dragon

Portfolio Dragon empowers a new generation of portfolio managers to meet the demands of a changing world.


Our Capabilities:

Scalable customisation

  • Customisation at single stock level across multiple dimensions.
  • Low-cost model portfolios built on a cloud-based technology platform.
  • Automated reporting and factsheet generation across accounts of any size.
  • Direct integration into portfolio management & execution systems.

AI driven portfolio management

  • AI-powered expected return calculation for 25,000 listed equities using financial and non-financial data sets.
  • Portfolio construction and optimisation.
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

Sustainability expertise

  • Portfolio analysis across a common set of sustainability measures.
  • Integration of ESG and Climate risk without compromising performance.
  • Construction of thematic impact portfolios aligned to client values.
  • Delivery of regulatory aligned portfolios (i.e. SFDR Article 8 and 9).
  • Identification of companies lagging in the sustainably transition, and hence candidates for more active ownership.

Arabesque’s AI Engine aims to forecast the future returns of 30,000 equities daily

Powering Portfolio Dragon is Arabesque’s AI Engine, a massively distributed computational graph consisting of 255 million nodes and 750 million edges. The AI Engine ingests raw data, applies machine learning algorithms, and outputs a probability weighted expected return daily for each stock.

ai engine
why use ai

The AI Engine simulates a traditional investment approach on an enormous scale

Our ESG Data partners​

Our Approach to ESG ​

We consider Sustainability as a strategic challenge for companies, quantifiable via ESG data. ESG information allows us to assess companies’ corporate strategy and management quality to understand and address short-term risks, and the drive to innovate to capture long-term opportunities. Incorporating ESG data in portfolio construction allows us to offer portfolios that are:

  • Tailored to your preferences
  • Mitigating ESG risks and benefiting from transition opportunities (i.e. ESG Integration)
  • Aligned with thematic SDGs (e.g. Gender equality)
  • Meeting new regulatory requirements (e.g. SFDR)
  • Addressing global challenges (e.g. Net-Zero aligned)

ESG Book

ESG Book collects raw data for 30,000+ global companies, and assesses companies’ sustainability performance across different dimensions, namely:

  • ESG performance focusing on financial material topics
  • UNGC performance focusing on normative values
  • Net-Zero performance focusing on businesses’ climate action

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esg book

Client Integration

  • Portfolio Dragon's open architecture and modular design have been designed to make it easy to integrate into clients’ existing applications and investment workflows.
  • We generate model portfolio holdings, which comprise a list of securities and their corresponding target weights at each rebalancing. This data is fed into clients’ investment workflow. The platform can support delivery across a range of interfaces, including API, SFTP etc.
  • The platform can provide portfolio analytics, across a range of financial and non-financial metrics.
  • Portfolio Dragon has a sales engineering team to support clients throughout the integration process. This may range from ad-hoc advice to the building of adaptors to 3rd party systems.

Use Cases

For Institutional Clients

We help institutional clients lead the net-zero and climate transition with comprehensive solutions:

  • Diagnose: Analyze portfolio sustainability using metrics like carbon intensity and TCFD reporting alignment.
  • Improve: Co-develop strategies with financial objectives and better climate characteristics.
  • Engage: Facilitate dialogue, engagement, and voting rights to drive change among top emitters.

For Wealth and Retail Managers

We assist wealth and retail managers in serving the next generation of investors who prioritize values:

  • Personalize: Offer customized portfolios aligned with clients' values, such as thematic SDG-aligned options.
  • Build at Scale: Create single-stock portfolios for smaller sizes, starting from $200k.
  • Report: Provide a web-app to visualize and report portfolio characteristics, including risk, return, and impact.

For Asset Managers

We enable asset managers to build regulatory-compliant and sustainable portfolios:

  • Inform: Leverage AI tools to evaluate big data, gaining insights for informed investment decisions.
  • Align: Construct portfolios in line with regulatory requirements like the SFDR for compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Optimize: Streamline fund creation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding Arabesque AI and our investment products, or to talk to one of our advisors, please contact [email protected]