23 Mar, 2021

Case Study: How Arabesque AI uses Google Cloud technology


“We believe that finance can be a vehicle for change,” says Nikolaos Kaplis, CTO at Arabesque AI. “We use artificial intelligence to help bring about that change.”

In late 2019, Arabesque AI participated in the Google Cloud for Startups program, graduating in March 2020. During the program, it benefited from access and support from Google Cloud experts and the financial freedom to experiment with the platform and explore all of its functionalities. Arabesque AI was impressed with the managed services available on Google Cloud, its ease of use, and its commitment to open source technology.

Shortly afterwards, Arabesque AI migrated its entire infrastructure to Google Cloud. Built on Kubernetes, the open source container system developed at Google, the platform is now orchestrated by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which manages much of the infrastructure overhead. Over time, Arabesque AI increasingly used Cloud Run to further reduce the burden of infrastructure management.

This new case study looks how Arabesque AI uses Google Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery to bring cutting-edge AI technology to the world of asset management, supporting the scale-up of our services with a limitless cloud infrastructure.

Read full case study here.