13 Jul, 2021

Arabesque launches suite of Climate and Regulatory Solutions for the global net-zero transition


  • New Climate and Regulatory Solutions provide greater insight for investors and corporations positioning towards a net-zero world
  • Suite includes GHG emissions data on over 7,000 companies, with 120 climate-specific metrics covering over 95% of global market cap
  • Data and analytics solutions are based on best-in-class research methodologies powered by transparent datasets and AI technology
  • Launch coincides with the unveiling this week of EU proposals for a legislative framework to support its transition of reaching net-zero by 2050
  • Arabesque provides ESG data solutions to the world’s leading banks, asset managers, asset owners and custodians with a combined total of over USD 100 trillion of assets

13 July 2021, London – Arabesque has announced the launch of a new suite of Climate and Regulatory Solutions for the transition to a net-zero economy by 2050, as companies and financial institutions integrate climate considerations in their decision-making on a vast scale.

Launched today following the recent landmark approval by the European Union to make the bloc’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets legally binding, and as policymakers globally prepare policies to fight climate change, Arabesque’s new solutions will enable clients to capture net-zero opportunities, comply with new regulatory requirements, and meet growing climate commitments.  

Among the new solutions that Arabesque has announced include the Emissions+ Data Module, which provides a comprehensive picture of Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions by companies and the climate impact of their full operations and value chains. Also included in the suite is the new Green Revenue Module, which maps companies that are generating revenue for their businesses either partly or fully by green business models such as renewable energy.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Dr Daniel Klier, President of the Arabesque Group, said:

“Green pledges have been growing rapidly over the past year. With companies committing to the global net-zero transition, investors pledging green investment solutions, and regulators enforcing reporting requirements, expectations of delivering sustainable growth and investments have never been higher.”

“As Brussels unveils this week its proposals for a legislative framework to support the ambition of reaching net-zero by 2050, and as we approach COP26, the need to match climate pledges with tangible results is growing. Our new Climate and Regulatory Solutions can help clients navigate towards a net-zero future, better understand the increasing complexity of climate regulation, and identify new climate-based opportunities.”

Arabesque’s new Climate and Regulatory Solutions suite is comprised of a broad range of data and insights solutions that are grouped around three core offerings:

Validated and High-Quality Company Data

  • Disclosed and validated GHG emissions data on more than 7,000 companies
  • Green revenues data covering 120 green business activities
  • 120 climate-specific metrics covering over 95% of global market capitalisation

Climate Alignment Solutions

  • Leading analytics tools assessing alignment to climate benchmarks
  • Industry-pioneering Temperature™ Score to measure net-zero portfolio alignment
  • Combining the power of data, technology and a market leading ESG research team to design investment solutions and perform net-zero assessment 

Regulatory Solutions

  • Data and alignment analytics enabling compliance with major regulatory frameworks
  • Portfolio screening solutions tracking alignment to main regulatory frameworks
  • Covering 100% mandatory and over 80% of optional SFRD metrics

Arabesque is trusted by some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We count many of the world’s leading banks, asset managers, asset owners and custodians as our clients. Together, they manage in excess of USD100 trillion in assets. We advise and provide bespoke sustainability solutions for the world’s leading corporations and media organisations.