1 Sep, 2021

The Vegan Option Please – A look at vegan investing and climate impact

By Martyna Szumniak and Dr. Roan du Feu


Despite the rising interest in veganism, the UN predicts that demand for animal-based products will still increase in line with rising populations, growing urbanisation and increased demand for more diversified diets from an emerging middle class. Consequently, they expect that meat and milk consumption will grow by 73 and 58 per cent, respectively, from 2010 to 20508. This continued increase in demand means that despite various harmful effects of meat production and consumption, the large-scale animal agriculture industry is here to stay.

In this blog, Martyna Szumniak and Dr. Roan du Feu explore the climate impact of vegan companies, meaning those that do not generate revenue from animal or dairy products and agriculture, and aim to answer the question “Is veganism a more sustainable choice when it comes to investing? “

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